One-year-old foals are called yearlings. Typically, this is the age where the weening process begins. Horse racing careers generally begin when a horse turns two. Welp, Paper Pony officially turns two this month. I definitely feel like our first year was all about finding our ground, making tons of mistakes, and learning how to adult. As a two-year-old, I think we are a bit more confident and ready to gallop full speed ahead! 


Etsy Open Call 2016

I honestly couldn't believe it when Paper Pony won a spot as a finalist at this year's Etsy Open Call. I am so proud and honored to have been selected. While pitching our line to top industry retailers was one of the most stressful things ever, I learned a great deal about running my business and made invaluable connections with retailers and fellow makers. Because I'm a lazy writer, here's what Etsy has to say about the event:


For the second year in a row, Etsy Open Call brings together buyers from top retail stores and fresh talent from the Etsy Wholesale community. After receiving nearly 1,400 pitches from talented Etsy designers all over the world, it came to this amazing set of 36 sellers who the retailers picked as their favorites.
They headed to Etsy's Brooklyn headquarters on August 23 to meet with buyers from The Shop at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian, Paper Source, Whole Foods Market, giggle and Macy's. After a full day of pitching their hearts out, 11 designers were awarded a Golden Purchase Order—guaranteeing placement in major retail stores this holiday season. Scroll down to see the winners, then head to the Wholesale Blog to read more about the event.


The best part is that Paper Pony was awarded an honorary mention from Giggle's Chief Merchandising Officer, Kit Li-Perry (who is my style icon btw.) This means we will have a few of our cards stocked through Giggle. This means big exposure for our pony sized brand! I'm so excited. And yet terrified. Am I terrified of growing too big and not being able to handle it, you ask?! No. I'm terrified of being given such a great opportunity and being too busy to enjoy it, or to use it to my advantage. I tend to drop the ball when good opportunities present themselves. I'm sure a good therapist can help me work on that, but I'm just too busy to meet with one right now. It took me a whole month to even post about this amazing and unique experience. Here are some photos of last's month's event. 


So many exciting things have been happening with Paper Pony Co! It's proven to be very demanding prioritizing between the design end and the business end but I'm learning every step of the way. I've met so many great people through it and my interactions with customers, admirers, bloggers, and fellow handmade designers help me get through any doubts I have about running a business. Right now we are focusing on Valentine's Day. Need a greeting card?! Check out the shop and our new website


LST (Little Shop of Talia's) needed a revamp. FIRST OF ALL, I'm now selling both giclée prints and regular fine art prints. SECOND OF ALL, I will no longer have the shopping cart option on my site. Instead you can email me directly and all billing will be done through Paypal. LASTLY, I've expanded my inventory of artwork! Here are some new prints now available for purchase:


Is there something of mine you'd like to purchase but don't see featured? Send me an email with your request!